Abita - Brewed and bottled by the Abita Brewing
Company, Abita Springs, LA 70420
Abita is brewed in Louisiana and that seems to be the
sales pitch on this root beer. It had no outstanding taste
characteristics. Pure cane sugar is used as the sweetener.


A&W - Bottled under the authority of
Dr. Pepper/Seven-Up. INC., Plano TX 75024
A&W was originally served only from the fountain
at their restaurants. The bottled version disappoints.
It is too heavy and syrupy. If you have the opportunity
get the fountain version.

Baron's - Dist. by Speciality Beverages, INC.,
Glendora CA 91740
Now, this is a root beer with a strong bite. It leaves your
mouth buzzing. Almost hints of ground black pepper.
"Draft" and "all natural" keep the flavor fresh.


Barq's - Canned under the authority of Barq's,INC.,
Alanta GA 30301.

No foamy head. This root beer is as close to fruit punch
as you're going to get. Perhaps it's the citrus that gives it it's
bite. However this pushes it into the fruity arena. Advertising,
thanks to the Coca-Cola co. has made this root beer a number
one seller.
Boylan - Boylan botteling Company, INC., Haidon, NJ
1800 289-7978
Root beer by definition. As with their entire
product line, Boylan shoots for authentic taste without distinction.
A noble pursuit in it's own rite. Yucca extract in the mix. Do not
confuse this product with Guinness Stout.
Brairs - Packed under the authority
of Brairs U.S.A., South Brunswick NJ

The root beer and Six Gun Sarsaparilla
contain the same ingrediants.Both are mild
root beer tasting drinks, however the
Six Gun Sarsaparila leaves a cherry finish.
Buckin' Root-Beer
Jackson Hole Soda Co.
The case I bought had the labels printed upside down and the obvious vulgar play on words almost made me dismiss this brew as being too gimmicky. Thank goodness for persistance. I could easily smell the root-beer immediately after opening it and poured a deep rich brew into the glass. Darker than most brews I've seen, and a robust head to match. The first sip began with licorice, turning into a mild burn sensation on my tongue, which finished with wintergeen. This is real root-beer. The upside down label has been corrected. I'm glad I didn't dismiss this brew.
BullDog - Brewed and Bottled for
the Bulldog Brewing Company
Fresno CA

Bulldog rootbeer is an authentic rootbeer. It is perhaps
one of of the smoothest brews I've tasted. What it
lacks in originality, it makes up in smoothness. After
finishing one bottle I craved another. The combination
of honey and vanilla is what gives this brew it's
character. There weren't any surprises in the taste. This
is what rootbeer should taste like.

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