Buzzy's Root Beer - Soda Werks by Dirty Dawg
Brewing Company, Limerick PA 19464 610.495.6801
"Not too fizzy, not too sweet" states the label. It is correct, it's
flat. It's label of a dog foaming at the mouth keeps it on the
shelf, kids love it.

Chico Soda Works Microbrewd
Root Beer
- Made in Chico, CA 530 894-8305.
Yeast is used to carbonate this concoction. The vanilla gives
it an almost buttery smoothness, while the finish is of strong
Coastal Fog - Locally brewed in San Francisco.
Look what just blew in. Draught taste with a polite cinnamon
finish. As close to a vanila cream as you're going to find.
Not a very strong root beer taste. It is unimposing.
Dr. Tima Honey Root Beer -
Distributed by Tima Brand, Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

Label claims from an old European recipe. When you
consider root beer was originally sold as an elixer to cure
what's ailing ya, then you will understand the medicinal
flavor (flavour since were talking European). There is
a terrific combination of ingrediants, however there needs
to be a better balance. The flavors compete instead of
enhancing one another. The list includes: honey, oil of
wintergreen, vanilla, oil of sweet birch, anice, cloves,
yucca plant extract and fruit juices.
Frostie - A registered trademark of the Monarch
CO., INC., Alanta GA 30342.
This root beer is bottled
nostalgia. The taste is plain as plain can be. But it makes
us remember the good old days. The label sells it and the
kids buy it in droves.
Gales Root-Beer
Gales root-beer had a promising begining with a full wintergreen flavor that blew past my taste-buds quickly. But there it finished. The root-beer flavor was round and full of vanilla. However the ingredient list included cinnamon and ginger which were undetectable in my portion. The sample I had was a bit flat as well and perhaps that could account for the lack of flavor. I had been waiting several years to find this brew, only to be disappointed. I hope to find it again in a fresh batch, since the ingredients look so promising.
Review to be published soon.

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